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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gluten Free Bruschetta with Cashew Pesto, Rocket, Spinach and Fresh Basil!

This is what I am planning on making as one of my favourite afternoon teas.

The gluten free bread is sooo low in calories it's unbelievable, and when you whack it under the grill and toast it each side for a couple of minutes it perfectly toasted and ready for your toppings. i

I used the following on mine:

- Fresh Basil
- Rocket
- Baby Spinach
- Diced Tomato
- Diced Cucumber
- Balsamic Vinegar
- Cashew nut Pesto
- Gluten free bread ( i used sliced loaf, but you could use a roll cut in half)
I will post my recipe for a cashew nut pesto later on, but basically it's a mixture of cashew nuts, olive oil and basil with salt and pepper.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Health Kick !

I am trying to do a health kick to prep my body and wardrobe for my trip to the UK next year.

I have bought myself a cold press slow juicer from kogan, it was super cheap ( so all I could afford really).

I have also been looking for more work to help ease the strain of only working two days a week AND saving up for the UK!

Cold Press Slow Juicer


I am also trying to dramatically reduce me gluten intake ( I love me some sweet, sweet bread) and I have been feeling like lately I need to lay back on the meat eating. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat meat every day, probably about 2 or 3 times a week. But lately my body has just been giving me this feeling of, take a break from this Jane.

Anyway I will be trying to post more gluten free and vegetarian recipes.

I wonder how long I can go with no meat ( wait I lie, I'll eat seafood)

xx Jane

Monday, March 17, 2014

Really Jane, It's been THAT long????

Wow, I htink to myself. It's been forever. I keep promising to make this a scheduled regular thing, but I just keep letting the weeks which turn into months pass.

I watched the Julie/Julia project movie last night. I hadn't seen it before and I know that I am like 5 years late but I have recently been busy with many thigns happening in my life. I know no one really reads this, especially family or friends so I suppose it is safe to spill my guts.

Well dear existant/non existant reads, here is the latest goss in 5 months!!!!

I temporarily overcame my fear of flying after my first overseas holiday to Vanuatu. You want to know the trick for flying without fear? It involves red wine. Complimentary unlimited drinks!

My Best Friends of ten years are no longer friends. Together we were the three amigos, the three blind mice, charlies angels, See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil monkies! Not anymore. Not a lot upsets me when it comes to relationships, but this definitely does!

I am still writing for bespoke ( yay) I must up my game for recipes though I think. I have one involving a soup for the next winter edition and I have another sweet idea in mind too!

My fear of flying came back as the Malaysian flight was /Hijacked/crashed. So for a week now I have been having mini panic attack because...............


I am hoping to live in England ( probably Manchester to save funds) and travel throughout all of Europe and the UK while working as well

I am also currently completing my Certificate IV in Business Administration, and after hoping for like 6 months to complete a Diploma I have come to the conclusion I will not be able to pay $7000 off in a year while saving up for the UK and working only 2 days a week. Besides I am planning on going into Human Resources for University when I come back from the UK and will make that my main career so why rack up a debt on something that I am not even going to be doing for more than a few years.

Oh yes, I should also mention I am job hunting for another part time job.

Well I hope that justifies the quietness of my writing, but seriously I should commit to writing, like ever Thursday night or something ( TV is never good on a thursday night now anyway) and blog recipes more often.